Remember when impossible
was possible?

When you believed…

It’s never too late to learn
something new.

Learn more about Nextec’s mission and services.


Who we are and what we believe.

Nextec Inc. provides a multitude of services, but at our core we’re an educational company. We serve individuals and businesses that teach and reach. Those who strive to learn and dream. Embarking on a new journey? Looking to add another skill to your repertoire? It’s never too late to learn, to dare to achieve your dreams.

This is what we believe.

After 18+ years in operation, this is what we’ve seen to be true. And we’ve developed some amazing services, and partnered with some of the largest companies in the educational space to help you on your way.


Your tests belong on one of the largest testing center network in the world.

600+ professional, verified testing centers in over 300 cities. Our centers administer online and paper-based tests and scale from 5-200 seating capacity.

600+ Testing Centers
Professional, verified testing centers in over 300 cities. Our centers administer online and paper-based tests and scale from 5-200 seating capacity.

24/7 Tech Support
Get comprehensive, around the clock coverage, from initial setup, data and information security, troubleshooting, and everything in between.

On-site Auditing
Our testing centers are individually verified with real, on-site auditing to meet or exceed all testing requirements. Detailed reports available every month.


We design training programs that help attain true mastery.

Our training programs are simple and honest. We learn about the objectives, needs, and goals you wish to achieve down to the individual level. Then we analyze that data to design a clear, goal-based training program that fits your workforce like a glove.

Uniquely Designed Training
We’re proud of the fact that no two training programs we’ve ever designed or administered has ever been the same. It’s all about you.

Design Specialists
The key to our success isn’t a secret. We invest in our training specialists, and enable them to artistically craft training programs that perfectly suit you.

Single Source Billing
We love honesty and transparency, and we know you do too. We offer simple, clear, straightforward single source billing. Know what you’re paying for.


Classroom rentals perfectly fit for your global workforce.

Whether you need training facilities located just outside your headquarters or for a branch of your workforce on the other side of the world, the needs of the 21st century workforce are global. We’ve got over 240 professional facilities in 180 cities, across 45 countries standing by. Let us know what you need.

Ultrafast Capabilities
Rest easy knowing that when you’re in our facilities, you’ll always get the best computers, equipment, networks, and speed every time.

Unbeatable Pricing
Who isn’t in business to make a profit, right? That said, we pride ourselves in being able to offer our clients the best pricing on the market.

Rental Specialist
You’ll be assigned a rental specialist who’ll see you through, from initial setup, training, catering, clean up, and everything else in between.


We’d love to hear from you.

We’re always looking to talk and get feedback. Whether you’re interested in a business partnership with us, or just want to start a conversation, we’re just a few keystrokes away.

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We’re based in the Washington D.C. metro area.

We’re located in the heart of the Washington D.C. metropolitan area, with global presences around the world, including Canada, Europe, Latin America, Africa, Middle East, and South East Asia.

205 Van Buren St. Herndon VA, 20171
United States

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