ITIL Service Transition

ITIL Service Transition

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The ITIL Service Transition course focuses on the principles and processes involved in transitioning IT services into the live operational environment. This course provides participants with a comprehensive understanding of the Service Transition stage within the ITIL service lifecycle. Participants will learn how to plan, manage, and control service transitions effectively, ensuring minimal disruption and maximum value to the business. The course covers key concepts, principles, and techniques necessary for successful service transition implementation. The ITIL Service Transition course is ideal for IT professionals involved in service management, project managers, and individuals seeking to enhance their knowledge of service transition practices.


To enroll in the ITIL Service Transition course, participants must hold the ITIL Foundation certificate. It is recommended to have practical experience in IT service management or participation in the ITIL Foundation course.


The course will be delivered through instructor-led training, interactive discussions, case studies, and group exercises. Participants will engage in practical scenarios and real-world examples to understand the Service Transition principles and apply them in different contexts. The course may include individual or group assignments to reinforce learning outcomes and encourage active participation.

Course Outline

  • Introduction to Service Transition
  • Overview of the Service Transition stage within the ITIL service lifecycle
  • Objectives, scope, and benefits of Service Transition
  • Service Transition Principles and Concepts
  • Key principles and concepts of Service Transition
  • Understanding the interface between Service Design and Service Transition
  • Service Transition inputs and outputs
  • Service Transition Processes
  • Change management
  • Service asset and configuration management
  • Release and deployment management
  • Service validation and testing
  • Change evaluation
  • Knowledge management
  • Service Transition Planning and Support
  • Developing a comprehensive transition plan
  • Establishing effective transition support mechanisms
  • Managing organizational and stakeholder change
  • Transitioning Services
  • Managing changes to service assets and configurations
  • Planning and executing release and deployment activities
  • Conducting service validation and testing
  • Evaluating and reviewing changes and transitions
  • Service Transition Performance and Metrics
  • Defining measurement frameworks and metrics for service transition
  • Monitoring and reporting on service transition performance
  • Using metrics for service improvement
  • Exam Preparation
  • Review of key concepts and exam objectives
  • Practice questions and mock exams


Upon completing the ITIL Service Transition course, participants will:

  • Develop a thorough understanding of the Service Transition principles, processes, and concepts
  • Gain knowledge of managing and controlling service transitions effectively
  • Acquire the skills to plan, implement, and optimize Service Transition practices
  • Be prepared to contribute to the Service Transition stage within the ITIL service lifecycle
  • Be ready to take the ITIL Service Transition certification exam


The ITIL Service Transition course may include practical labs or exercises to reinforce the learning objectives. Some potential lab activities could include:

  • Creating a change management plan for a fictional organization
  • Designing and executing a release and deployment strategy
  • Conducting service validation and testing for a new service
  • Analyzing and evaluating changes and transitions using case studies

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