Oracle Data Integrator 19c Configuration and Administration

Oracle Data Integrator 19c Configuration and Administration

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Course Overview

The Oracle Data Integrator 19c Configuration and Administration course is designed to provide participants with the knowledge and skills required to configure and administer Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) environments effectively. Participants will learn about ODI architecture, installation, configuration, security, performance tuning, and troubleshooting techniques. The course covers topics such as configuring ODI repositories, managing agents, security implementation, high availability, and backup and recovery strategies. Participants will gain hands-on experience in configuring and administering ODI environments through practical exercises and labs.


To derive maximum benefit from this course, participants should have a solid understanding of Oracle Data Integrator concepts and possess basic knowledge of database administration. Familiarity with ODI development concepts and techniques is recommended. It is also beneficial to have completed the Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) course or possess equivalent knowledge.


The course utilizes a combination of theoretical instruction, demonstrations, and hands-on labs. Participants will receive detailed explanations of ODI configuration and administration concepts, followed by practical demonstrations of their implementation. They will also have the opportunity to apply their learning in hands-on labs, gaining practical experience in configuring and administering ODI environments. The course is delivered through instructor-led sessions, allowing participants to interact, ask questions, and engage in discussions.

Course Outline

  • Introduction to ODI Configuration and Administration
  • Overview of ODI architecture and components
  • Understanding the role of ODI Administrator
  • Overview of ODI installation and configuration process
  • Best practices for ODI configuration and administration
  • Configuring ODI Repositories
  • ODI repository creation and configuration
  • Understanding master and work repositories
  • Managing ODI repository connections
  • Configuring security for ODI repositories
  • Managing ODI Agents
  • Overview of ODI agents and their roles
  • Configuring agent properties and settings
  • Managing agent schedules and task assignments
  • Monitoring and troubleshooting ODI agent activity
  • Implementing ODI Security
  • Understanding ODI security architecture
  • Configuring ODI security policies and roles
  • Managing user authentication and authorization
  • Implementing data and object-level security
  • High Availability and Disaster Recovery
  • Implementing high availability for ODI environments
  • Configuring ODI load balancing and failover
  • Backup and recovery strategies for ODI repositories
  • Disaster recovery planning and implementation
  • Performance Tuning and Optimization
  • Performance monitoring and diagnostics in ODI
  • Identifying and resolving performance bottlenecks
  • Configuring caching and session optimization
  • Tuning ODI resources and settings for optimal performance
  • ODI Troubleshooting and Maintenance
  • Troubleshooting common ODI configuration and administration issues
  • ODI log files and error handling
  • Managing ODI metadata and topology changes
  • Applying patches and upgrades to ODI environments
  • ODI Configuration Best Practices
  • Best practices for ODI repository configuration
  • Security implementation best practices
  • Performance tuning and optimization best practices
  • Administration and maintenance best practices

Course Outcome

Upon completion of the course, participants will:

  • Understand the concepts and techniques of configuring and administering Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) environments.
  • Be proficient in configuring ODI repositories and managing repository connections.
  • Possess the skills to manage ODI agents, schedules, and task assignments.
  • Understand ODI security architecture and implement security policies and roles.
  • Be familiar with high availability and disaster recovery solutions for ODI environments.
  • Understand performance tuning and optimization techniques for ODI.
  • Possess knowledge of troubleshooting and maintenance techniques for ODI environments.
  • Have the ability to apply best practices for ODI configuration and administration.

Course Labs

The course includes hands-on labs that provide participants with practical experience in configuring and administering Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) environments. The labs cover various scenarios, allowing participants to practice configuring ODI repositories, managing agents and schedules, implementing security policies, configuring high availability solutions, performance tuning, troubleshooting common issues, and applying best practices for ODI configuration and administration. The labs are designed to reinforce the concepts learned during the theoretical instruction and help participants build confidence in their ODI configuration and administration skills.

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