RedHat Training Courses

Red Hat is the world’s leading provider of open source solutions, using a community-powered approach to provide reliable and high-performing technologies such as: Cloud, Virtualization, Storage, Linux, Middleware Technologies.

RH124Red Hat System Administration IClassroom & Virtual
RH134Red Hat System Administration IIClassroom & Virtual
RH135Red Hat System Administration II with RHCSA ExamClassroom & Virtual
RH254Red Hat System Administration IIIClassroom & Virtual
RH255Red Hat System Administration III with RHCSA ExamClassroom & Virtual
RH290Red Hat Enterprise Linux for Solaris AdministratorsClassroom & Virtual
RH190Red Hat Command Line System AdministrationClassroom & Virtual
RH199RHCSA Rapid Track CourseClassroom & Virtual
RH200RHCSA Rapid Track Course with ExamClassroom & Virtual
RH242Red Hat Linux TroubleshootingClassroom & Virtual
RH299RHCE Rapid Track CourseClassroom & Virtual
RH300RHCE Rapid Track Course with RHCSA and RHCE ExamsClassroom & Virtual
RHS333Red Hat Enterprise Security: Network ServicesClassroom & Virtual
RH318Red Hat Enterprise VirtualizationClassroom & Virtual
RH319Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization with ExamClassroom & Virtual
RH401Red Hat Enterprise Deployment and Systems ManagementClassroom & Virtual
RH402Red Hat Enterprise Deployment and Systems Management with ExamClassroom & Virtual
RH413Red Hat Server HardeningClassroom & Virtual
EX413Red Hat Certificate of Expertise in Server Hardening ExamClassroom & Virtual
RH414Red Hat Server Hardening with Expertise ExamClassroom & Virtual
RHS429Red Hat Enterprise SELinux Policy AdministrationClassroom & Virtual
RHS430Red Hat Enterprise SELinux Policy Administration with ExamClassroom & Virtual
RH436Red Hat Enterprise Clustering and Storage ManagementClassroom & Virtual
RH437Red Hat Enterprise Storage Management with ExamClassroom & Virtual
RH442Red Hat Enterprise Performance TuningClassroom & Virtual
RH443Red Hat Enterprise System Monitoring and Performance Tuning with ExamClassroom & Virtual
CL210Red Hat OpenStack AdministrationClassroom & Virtual
CL211Red Hat OpenStack Administration with Expertise ExamClassroom & Virtual
CL220Red Hat CloudForms Hybrid Cloud ManagementClassroom & Virtual
CL275OpenShift Enterprise Application DevelopmentClassroom & Virtual
CL280OpenShift Enterprise AdministrationtClassroom & Virtual
CL306Neutron Networking with Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack PlatformClassroom & Virtual
CL332High Availability with Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack PlatformClassroom & Virtual
RHD251Red Hat Linux ProgrammingClassroom & Virtual
RHD361Red Hat Linux Kernel InternalsClassroom & Virtual
JB225JBoss Enterprise Application DevelopmentClassroom & Virtual
JB226Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Development I with RHCJD ExamClassroom & Virtual
JB232JBoss Monitoring with JONClassroom & Virtual
JB234JBoss Systems Management with JONClassroom & Virtual
JB248JBoss Application Administration IClassroom & Virtual
JB249JBoss Application Administration I with ExamClassroom & Virtual
JB297JBoss Development: Persistence with HibernateClassroom & Virtual
JB311JBoss Seam DevelopmentClassroom & Virtual
JB321JBoss Enterprise Portal PlatformClassroom & Virtual
JB325Advanced JBoss Enterprise DevelopmentClassroom & Virtual
JB348JBoss Application Administration IIClassroom & Virtual
JB417SwitchYard Development with Red Hat JBoss Fuse Service WorksClassroom & Virtual
JB421Camel Development with Red Hat JBoss FuseClassroom & Virtual
JB427Developing Workflow Applications with Red Hat JBoss BPM SuiteClassroom & Virtual
JB431JBoss SOA: ESB Service ImplementationClassroom & Virtual
JB433JBOSS Enterprise BRMS ImplementationClassroom & Virtual
JB435Enterprise Service Bus Deployment with Red Hat JBoss FuseClassroom & Virtual
JB437Red Hat JBoss A-MQ Development and DeploymentClassroom & Virtual
JB461Authoring Rules with Red Hat JBoss BRMSClassroom & Virtual
JB463Developing Rules Applications with Red Hat JBoss BRMSClassroom & Virtual