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Nextec’s expertise, knowledge and technical know-how are packaged in most extraordinarily capable resources OUR PEOPLE.

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Analysis & Goals

Assessment Phase: The program should start with an assessment phase to identify the current coaching needs of students. This would involve conducting surveys. focus groups and discussions with PMOs to understand their challenges, expectations and goals.
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Curriculum Development

Develop Program Goals and Objectives: Based on the assessment, the program should define its goals and objectives, which could include improving academic performance, developing critical thinking and problem-solving skills, enhancing career readiness, technical skills and promoting overall well-being.
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Execution & Learning

Training Curriculum & Execution: A training curriculum that aligns with the program goals and objectives and key learning areas. This would involve developing coaching strategies. techniques, labs, exercises, tests and tools that can be used to support students in achieving their goals.
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Reports & Feedback

Measure Progress and Success: The program should establish key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure the effectiveness of the coaching program in achieving its goals and objectives. Regular evaluations and assessments should be undertaken to ensure continuous improvement of the program.
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Enable thriving workforces.

Delivering the best possible outcomes and value by driving optimized performance and focusing on your most important asset: Your People.
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Capability Leaders

We bring together specialized leaders, experienced market teams and subject matter experts through a team model that is customized to your unique requirements. We excel at the intersection of people, processes, and technology.
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Accelerate Growth & Transformation

Unleash the power of innovation to drive your strategic advantage. Shaping tomorrow's possibilities today for a brighter future. We're your fast track to success in a rapidly evolving world.
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Deliver initiative faster & better

Maximize the value delivered from your project portfolios by objectively aligning priorities and executing with speed and consistency.
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Innovation and Trends

We systematically monitor changing trends in classrooms and learning delivery to ensure our approach is inclusive of new technologies and the latest instructional practices.

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Tailored to your needs

From strategy to implantation, our approach is fiercely human. We deeply understand our customers to deliver practical state-of-the air training solutions that drive meaningful impact. We deliver innovative and tailored solutions for your most complete challenges.