Adobe Experience Manager – Migrating from LiveCycle to AEM Forms

Adobe Experience Manager – Migrating from LiveCycle to AEM Forms

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Course Overview

The Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) – Migrating from LiveCycle to AEM Forms course is designed to provide participants with the knowledge and skills required to successfully migrate from Adobe LiveCycle to AEM Forms. This course focuses on the migration process, including planning, executing, and validating the migration, to ensure a seamless transition from LiveCycle to AEM Forms.


Participants should have prior experience working with Adobe LiveCycle and possess a fundamental understanding of its functionalities. Familiarity with XML, XSD, and XDP files, as well as basic knowledge of web technologies, is highly recommended.


The course employs a combination of instructor-led lectures, hands-on exercises, and practical demonstrations to facilitate learning and practical application. Participants will receive guidance from experienced instructors and have the opportunity to engage in interactive discussions and ask questions related to the migration process. Real-world examples and case studies will be used to enhance understanding and provide valuable insights.

Course Outline

  • Introduction to Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Forms
  • Overview of Adobe LiveCycle and AEM Forms
  • Migration Planning and Strategy
  • Preparing for Migration: Assessing LiveCycle Assets
  • Configuring AEM Forms Environment
  • Migration Execution: Data Migration and Configuration
  • Validating the Migration and Troubleshooting
  • Post-Migration Tasks and Best Practices

Course Outcome

Upon completion of the course, participants will have gained the following:

  • In-depth understanding of Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Forms and its capabilities
  • Knowledge of the migration process from Adobe LiveCycle to AEM Forms
  • Ability to plan and execute the migration, ensuring minimal disruption
  • Proficiency in assessing LiveCycle assets and configuring the AEM Forms environment
  • Competence in data migration, configuration, and validation post-migration
  • Familiarity with troubleshooting techniques and best practices for successful migrations


The AEM – Migrating from LiveCycle to AEM Forms course includes hands-on labs that allow participants to apply the concepts learned in a practical setting. These labs will cover various aspects of the migration process, such as assessing LiveCycle assets, configuring the AEM Forms environment, executing data migration, and validating the migration. By engaging in these labs, participants will gain valuable hands-on experience and enhance their skills in successfully migrating from LiveCycle to AEM Forms.

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