EC-Council Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)

EC-Council Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)

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Introduction to Ethical Hacking

   Understanding the ethical hacking process

   Legal and regulatory considerations

      Ethical hacking methodologies and frameworks

Footprinting and Reconnaissance

   Gathering information about a target system or network

   Passive and active reconnaissance techniques

   Tools and methods for footprinting and reconnaissance

Scanning Networks

   Identifying live hosts and open ports

   Network mapping and vulnerability scanning

   Tools and techniques for network scanning

Enumeration and System Hacking

   Enumerating system information and user accounts

   Exploiting system vulnerabilities and misconfigurations

   Password cracking techniques and privilege escalation

Malware Threats

   Understanding malware types and behavior

   Analyzing malicious code and malware detection

   Anti-malware tools and countermeasures

Sniffing and Social Engineering

   Intercepting network traffic and analyzing packets

   Social engineering techniques and tactics

   Mitigating sniffing and social engineering attacks

Web Application and Wireless Network Hacking

   Web application vulnerabilities and attacks

   Web application security testing methodologies

   Wireless network vulnerabilities and attacks

Cryptography and Cloud Security

   Fundamentals of cryptography and encryption algorithms

   Cryptographic attacks and countermeasures

   Cloud computing security principles and best practices



Upon completing the Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) course, participants will have achieved the following outcomes:

  • Comprehensive understanding of ethical hacking methodologies and concepts
  • Proficiency in identifying and exploiting system and network vulnerabilities
  • Knowledge of various hacking tools, techniques, and countermeasures
  • Ability to perform footprinting, scanning, enumeration, and system hacking
  • Expertise in malware analysis and countermeasures
  • Capability to assess and enhance the security of web applications and wireless networks


The course includes hands-on lab exercises that provide participants with practical experience in ethical hacking. Some of the lab activities may include:

  • Conducting reconnaissance and gathering information about target systems
  • Scanning networks and identifying vulnerabilities
  • Exploiting system vulnerabilities and gaining unauthorized access
  • Analyzing and reverse-engineering malware samples
  • Performing network sniffing and analyzing captured packets
  • Assessing the security of web applications through vulnerability testing
  • Exploiting wireless network vulnerabilities and performing wireless attacks

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