EC-Council Certified Secure Computer User (CSCU)

EC-Council Certified Secure Computer User (CSCU)

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The Council Certified Secure Computer User (CSCU) course is designed to provide individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to protect computer systems and data from various security threats. The course covers essential topics related to computer security, including operating system security, network security, malware protection, data protection, and best practices for safe computing. The CSCU certification validates the expertise of professionals in secure computer usage and basic cybersecurity principles.


The CSCU course does not have any specific prerequisites, making it suitable for individuals of all backgrounds and skill levels. It is ideal for beginners or non-technical professionals who want to develop a foundational understanding of computer security and enhance their cybersecurity awareness. The course is beneficial for employees, students, home users, and anyone interested in learning how to secure their computer systems and data.


The CSCU course follows an instructional methodology that combines theoretical knowledge with practical application. It includes interactive lectures, discussions, demonstrations, and hands-on lab exercises to ensure a comprehensive understanding of computer security principles. Participants will learn from experienced instructors who provide real-world examples and practical insights. The course encourages active participation, critical thinking, and problem-solving to develop practical skills in secure computer usage.

Course Outline

Introduction to Security

Understanding the importance of computer security

Overview of cybersecurity principles and concepts

Legal and ethical considerations in computer security

Securing Operating Systems

Common threats to operating systems

Configuring security settings and user accounts

Patch management and software updates

Protecting Networks and Communications

Network security fundamentals

Secure wireless networks and remote access

Safe internet browsing and email practices

Malware and Antivirus Protection

Types of malware and their impact

Antivirus software installation and configuration

Malware detection and removal techniques

Data Protection and Backup

Importance of data protection and privacy

Encryption and password management

Data backup and recovery strategies

Best Practices for Safe Computing

Social engineering awareness and prevention

Password security and authentication methods

Safe online behavior and avoiding common scams


Upon completing the CSCU course and obtaining certification, individuals will have the knowledge and skills necessary to protect computer systems and data from security threats. They will understand essential principles and best practices related to operating system security, network security, malware protection, data protection, and safe computing practices. Graduates of the course will be well-equipped to apply secure computer usage techniques in personal and professional settings. The CSCU certification demonstrates a commitment to cybersecurity awareness and enhances employability in various roles that require basic computer security knowledge.


The CSCU course includes hands-on lab exercises that provide practical experience and reinforce the concepts learned during the course. The labs focus on applying secure computer usage practices and using various security tools and techniques. While specific labs may vary based on the training provider and curriculum, some examples of lab activities may include:

  • Configuring operating system security settings
  • Conducting network security assessments and securing wireless networks
  • Detecting and removing malware using antivirus software
  • Encrypting files and practicing password management
  • Simulating social engineering attacks and implementing countermeasures

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