ELCC-Entry Level Cybersecurity Certification

ELCC-Entry Level Cybersecurity Certification

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Embark on a dynamic and fulfilling career path by obtaining the entry-level cybersecurity certification offered by (ISC)2. The Entry Level Cybersecurity Certification course is designed to provide individuals with foundational knowledge and skills in the field of cybersecurity. This course serves as an entry point for individuals interested in pursuing a career in cybersecurity and covers essential concepts, best practices, and practical techniques to establish a strong cybersecurity foundation.


There are no specific prerequisites for enrolling in the Entry Level Cybersecurity Certification course. However, a basic understanding of computer systems and networks would be beneficial. Familiarity with operating systems such as Windows and Linux is recommended but not mandatory.


The Entry Level Cybersecurity Certification course combines theoretical instruction with practical hands-on exercises to facilitate effective learning. Students will gain knowledge through interactive lectures, discussions, and real-world case studies. They will also have the opportunity to apply their learning in practical lab environments, simulating cybersecurity scenarios and challenges.

Course Outline:

Introduction to Cybersecurity

Overview of cybersecurity and its importance

Types of cyber threats and attack vectors

Legal and ethical considerations in cybersecurity

Network Security Fundamentals

Understanding network architecture and protocols

Network security devices and technologies

Common network vulnerabilities and mitigation techniques

Operating System Security

Securing operating systems: Windows, Linux, macOS

User authentication and access controls

Patch management and system hardening

Cyber Threat Landscape

Types of cyber threats: malware, social engineering, phishing, etc.

Recognizing and responding to common cyber threats

Incident response and handling

Secure Communications

Cryptographic principles and techniques

Secure protocols: SSL/TLS, IPsec

Public key infrastructure (PKI) and digital certificates

Web Security Basics

Web application vulnerabilities: SQL injection, XSS, CSRF, etc.

Web security best practices and secure coding guidelines

Web application firewall (WAF) and security testing tools

Introduction to Ethical Hacking

Basics of ethical hacking and penetration testing

Reconnaissance and information gathering techniques

Vulnerability scanning and exploitation fundamentals

Security Policies and Compliance

Importance of security policies and procedures

Regulatory and compliance frameworks (e.g., GDPR, HIPAA)

Security awareness and training programs


Upon completing the Entry Level Cybersecurity Certification course, students will have a solid understanding of foundational cybersecurity concepts, principles, and practices. They will be equipped with the necessary knowledge to identify common cyber threats, implement security controls, and respond to incidents. This course serves as a steppingstone towards more advanced cybersecurity certifications and career opportunities.


The Entry Level Cybersecurity Certification course incorporates practical lab exercises to reinforce the concepts learned in the classroom. The labs focus on hands-on activities that enable students to apply their knowledge in simulated cybersecurity environments. Some examples of lab activities may include:

  • Configuring and securing network devices (routers, switches)
  • Implementing access controls and user authentication mechanisms
  • Analyzing network traffic for potential security incidents
  • Conducting vulnerability assessments and penetration testing on target systems
  • Investigating and responding to simulated cybersecurity incidents
  • Setting up secure communication channels using encryption and certificates
  • Identifying and mitigating common web application vulnerabilities
  • Developing and implementing basic security policies and procedures
  • Participating in tabletop exercises to simulate incident response scenarios

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