Oracle Data Guard 19c

Oracle Data Guard 19c

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Course Overview

The Oracle Data Guard 19c course is designed to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of Oracle Data Guard, a high-availability and disaster recovery solution for Oracle Databases. Participants will learn how to configure, manage, and monitor Data Guard configurations to ensure data protection and minimize downtime. The course covers topics such as Data Guard architecture, configuration modes, switchover and failover operations, and performance tuning techniques.


To fully benefit from this course, participants should have a solid understanding of Oracle Database administration concepts, including database installation, backup and recovery, and database architecture. Familiarity with Oracle Database 19c administration is recommended.


The course employs a combination of theoretical instruction, demonstrations, and hands-on labs. Participants will receive detailed explanations of Data Guard concepts and techniques, followed by practical demonstrations of their implementation. They will also have the opportunity to apply their learning in hands-on labs, gaining practical experience in configuring and managing Data Guard environments. The course is delivered through instructor-led sessions, allowing participants to interact, ask questions, and engage in discussions.

Course Outline

Introduction to Oracle Data Guard

Overview of high availability and disaster recovery concepts

Introduction to Oracle Data Guard and its benefits

Understanding the components and architecture of Data Guard

Configuring Oracle Data Guard

Preparing the primary and standby databases

Configuring the Data Guard broker

Choosing the appropriate Data Guard configuration mode

Establishing the Data Guard standby database

Managing Data Guard Configurations

Monitoring Data Guard configurations

Managing redo transport and apply

Performing switchover and failover operations

Handling network and connectivity issues

Data Protection and Redundancy

Implementing various levels of data protection

Configuring synchronous and asynchronous redo transport

Understanding archive log retention and deletion policies

Leveraging fast-start failover for automatic failover

Performance Tuning for Data Guard

Optimizing redo transport and apply performance

Managing network and I/O bottlenecks

Utilizing the Data Guard broker for performance enhancements

Configuring and managing Far Sync instances

Advanced Data Guard Features

Implementing Oracle Active Data Guard

Utilizing Oracle GoldenGate with Data Guard

Integrating Data Guard with Oracle Enterprise Manager

Performing rolling upgrades and patching with Data Guard

Data Guard Best Practices and Troubleshooting

Implementing best practices for Data Guard configuration and management

Identifying and resolving common Data Guard issues

Monitoring and diagnosing Data Guard performance

Implementing backup and recovery strategies in Data Guard environments

Course Outcome

Upon completion of the course, participants will:

  • Understand the concepts and architecture of Oracle Data Guard.
  • Be proficient in configuring and managing Data Guard configurations.
  • Possess the skills to perform switchover and failover operations.
  • Have the ability to optimize performance and tune Data Guard environments.
  • Understand advanced features such as Active Data Guard and integration with Oracle GoldenGate.
  • Be familiar with troubleshooting techniques and best practices for Data Guard.
  • Have the knowledge to implement backup and recovery strategies in Data Guard environments.

Course Labs

The course includes hands-on labs that provide participants with practical experience in configuring and managing Oracle Data Guard. The labs cover various scenarios, allowing participants to practice primary database setup, standby database configuration, switchover and failover operations, performance tuning, and troubleshooting common Data Guard issues. The labs are designed to reinforce the concepts learned during the theoretical instruction and help participants build confidence in their Data Guard administration skills.

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