Administration Office 365

Administration Office 365

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The Administration Office 365 course is designed to provide participants with the skills and knowledge necessary to effectively administer and manage an Office 365 environment. This course covers various topics, including user and group management, license management, security and compliance, and collaboration tools. It aims to equip participants with the expertise required to optimize the usage and functionality of Office 365 within their organization.


To enroll in the Administration Office 365 course, participants should have a basic understanding of cloud computing concepts and familiarity with the Microsoft Office suite. Basic knowledge of networking and Active Directory will be beneficial. No prior experience with Office 365 administration is required.


The course will be delivered through a combination of instructor-led lectures, interactive discussions, hands-on exercises, and practical lab sessions. Participants will have access to study materials, including manuals and online resources, to support their learning. The course will focus on real-world scenarios and best practices, allowing participants to apply their knowledge in a simulated Office 365 environment.

Course Outline

  • Introduction to Office 365 Administration
  • Overview of Office 365 services and benefits
  • Understanding the Office 365 admin center and portal
  • Navigating the Office 365 administration interfaces
  • User and Group Management
  • Managing user accounts and licenses in Office 365
  • Configuring user authentication and password policies
  • Creating and managing security groups and distribution lists
  • Office 365 Service Management
  • Configuring Exchange Online settings and policies
  • Managing SharePoint Online sites and document libraries
  • Administering OneDrive for Business and Teams
  • Security and Compliance in Office 365
  • Implementing data loss prevention (DLP) policies
  • Configuring security features and threat management
  • Managing compliance and eDiscovery in Office 365
  • Collaboration Tools in Office 365
  • Utilizing SharePoint Online for document management and collaboration
  • Leveraging Microsoft Teams for team communication and collaboration
  • Exploring other collaboration tools, such as Yammer and Planner
  • Office 365 Troubleshooting and Support
  • Troubleshooting common Office 365 issues
  • Accessing Microsoft support and resources
  • Staying up-to-date with Office 365 updates and announcements


Upon completion of the Administration Office 365 course, participants will be able to:

  • Administer and manage user accounts, licenses, and groups in Office 365.
  • Configure and manage Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, and OneDrive for Business.
  • Implement security features and compliance policies in Office 365.
  • Utilize collaboration tools, such as SharePoint Online and Teams, effectively.
  • Troubleshoot common Office 365 issues and access support resources.


The course includes practical lab sessions and exercises to reinforce the theoretical knowledge and skills learned. The labs will cover the following topics:

  • User and license management in Office 365
  • Configuring Exchange Online settings and policies
  • Managing SharePoint Online sites and document libraries
  • Implementing security features and threat management
  • Collaborating with Teams and SharePoint Online
  • Troubleshooting common Office 365 issues

These labs will provide participants with hands-on experience in administering and managing Office 365, managing users and licenses, configuring Exchange Online and SharePoint Online, implementing security features, collaborating with Teams and SharePoint, and troubleshooting common issues. By completing these labs, participants will develop practical skills that are essential for effectively administering and managing Office 365 within their organization.

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