Advanced Photoshop Techniques

Advanced Photoshop Techniques

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 The Advanced Photoshop Techniques course is designed for individuals who already have a solid foundation in Adobe Photoshop and want to expand their skills to a more advanced level. This course focuses on teaching advanced concepts, techniques, and tools available in Photoshop, enabling students to create professional-grade designs, manipulate images, and achieve complex visual effects. Through a combination of theoretical lectures, demonstrations, and hands-on labs, students will develop expertise in using Photoshop for a wide range of creative projects.


  • Proficiency in using basic Photoshop tools and features.
  • Familiarity with layers, selections, masks, and adjustment layers.
  • Basic knowledge of graphic design principles and terminology.
  • Access to a computer with Adobe Photoshop installed (the latest version is recommended).


The course will employ a blended learning approach, combining theoretical lectures, instructor-led demonstrations, and hands-on lab sessions. The lectures will provide in-depth explanations of advanced Photoshop concepts, while the demonstrations will showcase practical applications of the techniques. Students will have the opportunity to practice their skills in lab sessions, working on creative projects under the guidance of the instructor.

Course Outline

  • Advanced Layers and Blend Modes
  • Mastering layer techniques, including blending modes, layer styles, and opacity adjustments
  • Creating complex compositions using advanced layer masking and blending techniques
  • Exploring advanced layer management and organization techniques
  • Advanced Selections and Masks
  • Utilizing advanced selection techniques, such as Quick Mask, Color Range, and Refine Edge
  • Creating precise masks using channels, alpha channels, and advanced masking tools
  • Applying non-destructive adjustments and effects using layer masks and clipping masks
  • Advanced Retouching and Photo Manipulation
  • Advanced retouching techniques for skin, hair, and other complex elements
  • Creating realistic composite images through photo manipulation techniques
  • Mastering advanced cloning and healing tools for seamless edits
  • 3D Modeling and Texturing
  • Introduction to 3D modeling within Photoshop
  • Creating and manipulating 3D objects, lights, and materials
  • Applying textures, bump maps, and reflections to 3D models
  • Advanced Filters and Smart Objects
  • Exploring advanced filter effects and creative transformations
  • Working with Smart Objects for non-destructive editing and reusability
  • Automating tasks using actions, scripts, and batch processing


By the end of the course, students will be able to:

  • Utilize advanced layers, blending modes, and styles to create complex compositions and effects.
  • Apply advanced selection and masking techniques for precise edits and adjustments.
  • Perform advanced retouching and photo manipulation for professional-grade results.
  • Create and manipulate 3D objects, textures, and materials within Photoshop.
  • Apply advanced filters, utilize Smart Objects, and automate tasks to enhance productivity.


  • Advanced Layer Compositions: Students will create complex compositions using advanced layer techniques, blending modes, and layer styles.
  • Precise Selections and Masks: Students will practice advanced selection techniques and create precise masks using channels and advanced masking tools.
  • Professional Photo Retouching: Students will retouch images using advanced techniques for skin, hair, and other complex elements.
  • 3D Modeling and Texturing: Students will experiment with creating and manipulating 3D objects, lights, and materials, and apply textures to achieve realistic results.
  • Advanced Filters and Automations: Students will explore advanced filter effects, utilize Smart Objects for non-destructive editing, and automate tasks using actions and batch processing.

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