Architecting with Google Cloud Platform: Design and Process (AGCP-DP)

Architecting with Google Cloud Platform: Design and Process (AGCP-DP)

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Course Overview

The Architecting with Google Cloud Platform: Design and Process (AGCP-DP) course is designed to provide individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to architect scalable and reliable solutions on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). This course covers the key principles, design patterns, and best practices for building cloud architectures that leverage GCP services effectively.


To enroll in the AGCP-DP course, participants should have a strong understanding of cloud computing concepts and familiarity with GCP fundamentals. Prior experience with designing and deploying applications on GCP or other cloud platforms is recommended. Participants should also have a basic understanding of networking, storage, and compute concepts.


The AGCP-DP course follows a blended learning approach, combining theoretical instruction, case studies, discussions, and hands-on labs. Participants will engage in instructor-led sessions where cloud architecture design principles and best practices are explained. They will also have access to GCP resources and tools to gain practical experience in architecting solutions. The course encourages active participation, discussions, and collaborative problem-solving to reinforce learning.

Course Outline

Introduction to Cloud Architecture Design Principles

Overview of cloud computing and key architectural concepts

Understanding GCP’s global infrastructure and services

Design principles for scalability, availability, and reliability

Defining Solution Requirements and Constraints

Gathering and analyzing business and technical requirements

Identifying solution constraints and trade-offs

Incorporating regulatory and compliance requirements

Designing for Security and Compliance

Implementing security controls and best practices

Designing secure network architectures

Incorporating compliance and data protection requirements

Designing Networking and Hybrid Connectivity

Networking options and architectures in GCP

Designing VPCs, subnets, and network peering

Implementing hybrid connectivity with on-premises networks

Designing Storage and Data Processing Solutions

Choosing appropriate storage options (e.g., Cloud Storage, Cloud SQL, Bigtable)

Designing data processing pipelines with Cloud Dataflow or Dataproc

Incorporating data analytics and machine learning solutions

Designing for Scalability and Performance

Horizontal and vertical scaling strategies

Designing for load balancing and auto scaling

Optimizing application performance and latency

Designing for High Availability and Disaster Recovery

Designing multi-region and regional architectures

Implementing fault tolerance and disaster recovery solutions

Managing data replication and backup strategies


By the end of the AGCP-DP course, participants will have:

  • Developed a comprehensive understanding of cloud architecture design principles and best practices
  • Acquired practical knowledge in designing scalable, secure, and highly available solutions on GCP
  • Gained expertise in leveraging GCP services for networking, storage, data processing, and security
  • Learned techniques for optimizing performance and managing disaster recovery
  • Gained hands-on experience through practical labs and exercises
  • Prepared to architect robust and efficient solutions on GCP that meet business and technical requirements


The AGCP-DP course includes hands-on labs that provide participants with practical experience in architecting solutions on GCP. Some examples of lab exercises include:

  • Designing a network architecture with VPCs, subnets, and firewall rules
  • Implementing hybrid connectivity with Cloud VPN or Dedicated Interconnect
  • Designing a storage solution using Cloud Storage and Cloud SQL
  • Building a data processing pipeline with Cloud Dataflow or Dataproc
  • Configuring auto scaling and load balancing for an application
  • Designing a multi-region architecture for high availability and disaster recovery

These labs enable participants to apply the concepts learned in the course and gain hands-on experience in architecting solutions on GCP, allowing them to develop practical skills in designing cloud architectures that leverage GCP’s services effectively.

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