Associate Cloud Engineer

Associate Cloud Engineer

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The Associate Cloud Engineer course is designed to provide individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to effectively manage and deploy applications and infrastructure on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). This course covers various GCP services and tools, and it equips learners with the necessary expertise to become an Associate Cloud Engineer.


To enroll in the Associate Cloud Engineer course, participants should have a basic understanding of cloud computing concepts and some experience with GCP. It is recommended to have prior knowledge of fundamental networking, virtualization, and Linux command-line tools. Familiarity with programming languages and scripting can also be beneficial but is not mandatory.


The course utilizes a combination of theoretical lectures, hands-on labs, and practical exercises to facilitate effective learning. Participants will engage in instructor-led sessions where concepts and best practices are explained. They will also have access to GCP resources and tools to gain practical experience with various GCP services. The course encourages active participation, discussions, and collaborative problem-solving to reinforce learning.

Course Outline

Introduction to Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Overview of GCP services and tools

Understanding GCP regions and zones

GCP Networking

Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) and subnets

Firewall rules and load balancing

Cloud DNS and Cloud CDN

GCP Compute Services

Google Compute Engine (GCE)

Managed Instance Groups

Autoscaling and instance templates

Storage and Database Services

Cloud Storage and Cloud SQL

Cloud Spanner and Cloud Bigtable

Cloud Storage Transfer Service

GCP Identity and Access Management

IAM roles and permissions

Service accounts and access control

Resource hierarchy and organization policies

GCP Security and Monitoring

Virtual Private Network (VPN) and Cloud Interconnect

Cloud Identity-Aware Proxy (IAP)

Stackdriver Monitoring and Logging

GCP Deployment and Automation

Deployment Manager and Cloud Shell

Container Registry and Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE)

Cloud Functions and Cloud Pub/Sub

GCP Resource Management

Project creation and management

Billing and budgeting

Resource quotas and limits


By the end of the Associate Cloud Engineer course, participants will have:

  • Developed a solid understanding of GCP services and their applications
  • Acquired the skills to deploy and manage applications on GCP
  • Learned best practices for networking, security, and resource management on GCP
  • Gained hands-on experience through practical labs and exercises
  • Prepared for the Associate Cloud Engineer certification exam


The course includes several hands-on labs designed to provide practical experience with GCP services. Some examples of lab exercises include:

  • Setting up a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) network and subnets
  • Configuring firewall rules and load balancing
  • Deploying and managing virtual machines using Google Compute Engine
  • Setting up a highly available application using Managed Instance Groups
  • Configuring Cloud Storage buckets and performing data transfers
  • Implementing IAM roles and managing access control
  • Monitoring resources using Stackdriver Monitoring and Logging
  • Deploying a containerized application on Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE)

These labs allow participants to apply the concepts learned in the course and gain hands-on experience in working with GCP services and tools.

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