Getting Started with Google Kubernetes Engine (GCP-GSGKE)

Getting Started with Google Kubernetes Engine (GCP-GSGKE)

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Course Overview

The Getting Started with Google Kubernetes Engine (GCP-GSGKE) course is designed to introduce individuals to the fundamentals of containerization and how to deploy, manage, and scale containerized applications using Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). This course provides hands-on experience and practical knowledge required to effectively utilize GKE for container orchestration.


To enroll in the GCP-GSGKE course, participants should have a basic understanding of containerization concepts, such as Docker, and familiarity with GCP fundamentals, as covered in the Google Cloud Fundamentals course. Prior experience with Linux command-line tools and networking fundamentals is recommended.


The GCP-GSGKE course follows a blended learning approach, combining theoretical instruction, demonstrations, and hands-on labs. Participants will engage in instructor-led sessions where key concepts and best practices for GKE are explained. They will also have access to GCP resources and tools to gain practical experience in working with GKE. The course encourages active participation, discussions, and collaborative problem-solving to reinforce learning.

Course Outline

Introduction to Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE)

Overview of containerization and Kubernetes

Introduction to GKE and its features

GKE architecture and components

GKE Cluster Creation and Management

Creating a GKE cluster using the GCP Console and command-line tools

Managing GKE clusters: scaling, upgrading, and autoscaling

Configuring node pools and node pool autoscaling

Deploying Applications on GKE

Creating and managing Kubernetes Deployments

Configuring and managing Kubernetes Services

Performing rolling updates and rollbacks

GKE Networking and Load Balancing

Understanding GKE networking concepts

Configuring GKE network policies and firewall rules

Utilizing GCP Load Balancer with GKE

GKE Monitoring, Logging, and Debugging

Monitoring GKE clusters using Stackdriver

Logging and viewing container logs in GKE

Debugging and troubleshooting applications on GKE

GKE Storage and Volumes

Configuring persistent storage using Persistent Volumes

Implementing volume snapshots and resizing

Utilizing GCP storage solutions with GKE (Cloud Storage, Cloud Filestore)


By the end of the GCP-GSGKE course, participants will have:

  • Developed a comprehensive understanding of containerization concepts and Kubernetes fundamentals
  • Acquired practical knowledge in deploying and managing containerized applications using GKE
  • Learned best practices for scaling, networking, and storage in GKE
  • Gained hands-on experience through practical labs and exercises
  • Prepared for further specialization in container orchestration on GCP or relevant certification exams


The GCP-GSGKE course includes hands-on labs that provide participants with practical experience in working with GKE and deploying containerized applications. Some examples of lab exercises include:

  • Creating a GKE cluster using the GCP Console and gcloud command-line tool
  • Deploying a sample application using Kubernetes Deployments and Services
  • Scaling and upgrading a GKE cluster
  • Configuring network policies and firewall rules for GKE
  • Implementing GCP Load Balancer with GKE
  • Monitoring GKE clusters and viewing logs using Stackdriver
  • Configuring persistent storage with GKE using Persistent Volumes
  • Utilizing GCP storage solutions like Cloud Storage and Cloud Filestore with GKE

These labs enable participants to apply the concepts learned in the course and gain hands-on experience in deploying, managing, and scaling containerized applications using GKE, allowing them to develop practical skills in container orchestration.

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