Leadership Program: LEADING SELF

Leadership Program: LEADING SELF

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The Leading Self course is designed to equip individuals with the essential skills and mindset needed to effectively lead themselves. This comprehensive program focuses on self-awareness, personal growth, and self-leadership techniques. Participants will learn to maximize their potential, enhance their decision-making abilities, and cultivate a strong sense of purpose and direction in their lives.


There are no specific prerequisites for this course. It is open to anyone who is eager to enhance their self-leadership skills and improve their overall personal effectiveness.


The course combines interactive lectures, engaging discussions, group activities, and practical exercises to create a dynamic learning environment. Participants will engage in self-reflection exercises, case studies, and experiential learning to deepen their understanding and application of self-leadership concepts. The facilitators will also provide personalized guidance and feedback to support individual growth.

Course Outline

Introduction to Self-Leadership

Understanding the concept of self-leadership

Importance of self-awareness in leadership

Assessing Personal Strengths and Weaknesses

Identifying individual strengths and areas for improvement

Utilizing self-assessment tools

Goal Setting and Action Planning

Setting meaningful and achievable goals

Developing action plans to accomplish goals

Emotional Intelligence and Self-Management

Understanding emotional intelligence and its impact on self-leadership

Techniques for managing emotions and building resilience

Time Management and Prioritization

Strategies for effective time management

Prioritizing tasks and managing workload

Decision Making and Problem Solving

Developing sound decision-making skills

Problem-solving techniques and approaches


Gain a deeper understanding of self-leadership and its importance

  • Develop self-awareness and identify personal strengths and weaknesses
  • Set meaningful goals and create action plans for personal growth
  • Enhance emotional intelligence and self-management abilities
  • Improve time management and prioritization skills
  • Strengthen decision-making and problem-solving capabilities


Throughout the course, participants will engage in practical labs that reinforce the concepts and skills learned. 

  • Self-reflection exercises to enhance self-awareness
  • Group activities for practicing emotional intelligence and communication skills
  • Case studies and simulations for decision-making and problem-solving practice
  • Time management exercises and productivity tools to improve personal effectiveness

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