Migrate SQL workloads to Azure

Migrate SQL workloads to Azure

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The Migrate SQL Workloads to Azure course is a specialized program designed to equip IT professionals with the knowledge and skills to successfully migrate on-premises SQL Server workloads to Microsoft Azure. This course focuses on teaching participants various migration strategies, tools, and best practices to ensure a seamless and efficient migration process. Participants will learn how to assess their SQL Server workloads, plan for migration, execute the migration, and validate the results, enabling them to leverage the benefits of Azure’s cloud services for their SQL databases.


This course is intended for IT professionals with a solid understanding of SQL Server administration and basic knowledge of Microsoft Azure. Participants should have prior experience in managing SQL Server databases and be familiar with Azure services.


The Migrate SQL Workloads to Azure course follows an interactive and hands-on approach. The course includes theoretical lectures, practical demonstrations, group discussions, and hands-on labs. Instructors will provide real-world scenarios to help participants apply migration concepts in practice.

  • Course Outline
  • Introduction to Azure SQL Database
  • Understanding Azure SQL Database and its features
  • Exploring Azure SQL deployment options and pricing models
  • Identifying the benefits of migrating SQL workloads to Azure
  • Assessing SQL Workloads for Migration
  • Analyzing on-premises SQL Server instances for migration readiness
  • Identifying migration blockers and compatibility issues
  • Utilizing Azure Migrate for assessment and discovery
  • Planning the Migration Process
  • Developing a migration strategy and timeline
  • Choosing the appropriate Azure SQL deployment model
  • Creating a migration plan and risk mitigation strategies
  • Executing the Migration
  • Setting up the Azure environment and resources for migration
  • Performing the actual migration of SQL workloads to Azure
  • Validating data integrity and application functionality post-migration
  • Optimizing Azure SQL Performance
  • Implementing best practices for Azure SQL performance
  • Configuring Azure SQL Database for scalability and availability
  • Monitoring and troubleshooting Azure SQL performance issues
  • Security and Compliance in Azure SQL
  • Implementing security measures for Azure SQL Database
  • Complying with data protection regulations and industry standards
  • Auditing and monitoring Azure SQL security events


By the end of the Migrate SQL Workloads to Azure course, participants will be able to:

  • Assess SQL workloads for migration readiness and compatibility.
  • Plan and execute a successful migration of SQL Server databases to Azure.
  • Optimize Azure SQL performance and scalability for improved efficiency.
  • Implement security measures and compliance standards in Azure SQL.
  • Monitor and troubleshoot Azure SQL performance and security.


  • Assessing SQL Workloads: Participants will use Azure Migrate to assess their SQL Server instances for migration readiness.
  • Planning the Migration: Participants will develop a migration strategy and plan based on their assessment results.
  • Executing the Migration: Participants will perform the actual migration of SQL workloads to Azure.
  • Validating Post-Migration: Participants will validate data integrity and application functionality after migration.
  • Optimizing Azure SQL Performance: Participants will configure Azure SQL for optimal performance.

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