Oracle 19c Database Backup and Recovery

Oracle 19c Database Backup and Recovery

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Course Overview

The Oracle 19c Database Backup and Recovery course is designed to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of backup and recovery strategies for Oracle Database 19c. Participants will learn the concepts, techniques, and best practices for creating reliable backup solutions and recovering data in case of failures or disasters. The course covers various backup and recovery methods, including user-managed backups, Oracle Recovery Manager (RMAN), and Flashback technologies.


To make the most of this course, participants should have a solid understanding of Oracle Database administration concepts and familiarity with SQL. Prior knowledge of database backup and recovery concepts is helpful but not mandatory. It is recommended that participants have completed the Oracle 19c DBA course or possess equivalent knowledge.


The course employs a combination of theoretical instruction, demonstrations, and hands-on labs. Participants will receive detailed explanations of backup and recovery concepts and techniques, followed by practical demonstrations of their implementation. They will also have the opportunity to apply their learning in hands-on labs, gaining practical experience in backup and recovery tasks. The course is delivered through instructor-led sessions, allowing participants to interact, ask questions, and engage in discussions.

Course Outline

  • Introduction to Oracle Database Backup and Recovery
  • Overview of backup and recovery concepts
  • Understanding the importance of data protection and availability
  • Overview of Oracle Database backup and recovery methods
  • User-Managed Backup and Recovery
  • User-managed backups using operating system commands
  • Performing user-managed restore and recovery operations
  • Using Oracle Data Pump for logical backups
  • Oracle Recovery Manager (RMAN)
  • Introduction to Oracle Recovery Manager (RMAN)
  • Configuring RMAN and managing RMAN settings
  • Performing RMAN backups (full, incremental, and consistent)
  • Implementing RMAN restore and recovery operations
  • Advanced RMAN Techniques
  • Using RMAN compression and encryption
  • Implementing backup optimization and performance tuning
  • Configuring RMAN for centralized backup and recovery
  • Utilizing RMAN backup and recovery catalog
  • Flashback Technologies
  • Introduction to Oracle Flashback technologies
  • Implementing Flashback Query for data recovery
  • Utilizing Flashback Table and Flashback Drop
  • Implementing Flashback Database for complete database recovery
  • Data Guard and Standby Databases
  • Introduction to Oracle Data Guard for disaster recovery
  • Configuring and managing standby databases
  • Performing switchover and failover operations
  • Utilizing Data Guard for backup and recovery scenarios
  • Backup and Recovery Best Practices
  • Developing backup and recovery strategies
  • Implementing backup and recovery validation techniques
  • Monitoring and managing backup and recovery processes
  • Troubleshooting common backup and recovery issues
  • Backup and Recovery Automation
  • Automating backup and recovery tasks using Oracle Scheduler
  • Implementing backup and recovery scripts
  • Utilizing Oracle Enterprise Manager for backup and recovery automation
  • Implementing backup and recovery in a cloud environment

Course Outcome

Upon completion of the course, participants will:

  • Have a thorough understanding of backup and recovery concepts and techniques for Oracle Database 19c.
  • Be proficient in implementing user-managed backups and restore operations.
  • Possess the skills to perform backups and recoveries using Oracle Recovery Manager (RMAN).
  • Understand advanced RMAN techniques for backup optimization and performance tuning.
  • Be familiar with Flashback technologies and their applications for data recovery.
  • Understand how to configure and manage standby databases using Oracle Data Guard.
  • Possess knowledge of backup and recovery best practices and validation techniques.
  • Have the ability to automate backup and recovery tasks using Oracle Scheduler and Oracle Enterprise Manager.

Course Labs

The course includes hands-on labs that provide participants with practical experience in backup and recovery tasks. The labs cover various scenarios, allowing participants to practice user-managed backups and restores, perform backups and recoveries using RMAN, implement Flashback technologies, configure and manage standby databases, and automate backup and recovery tasks. The labs are designed to reinforce the concepts learned during the theoretical instruction and help participants build confidence in their backup and recovery skills.

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