Red Hat System Administration I – RH124

Red Hat System Administration I – RH124

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Course Overview

Red Hat System Administration I (RH124) is designed to provide students with the foundational knowledge and skills required to perform basic system administration tasks on Red Hat Enterprise Linux. The course covers essential topics such as installation, configuration, user and group management, file systems, and package management. Through hands-on lab exercises and practical demonstrations, students will gain the necessary expertise to effectively manage Red Hat Linux systems.


  • Basic familiarity with operating systems and computing concepts.
  • No prior experience with Red Hat Linux is required, but some knowledge of Linux or UNIX operating systems is beneficial.


The course will use a combination of theoretical lectures, practical demonstrations, and hands-on lab exercises. Instructors will provide comprehensive explanations of concepts, followed by demonstrations to illustrate practical implementations. The majority of the course will focus on hands-on lab exercises, allowing students to apply the knowledge gained in real-world scenarios. Each lab exercise is designed to reinforce the concepts taught in the lectures.

Course Outline

  • Introduction to Red Hat Enterprise Linux
  • Overview of Red Hat Enterprise Linux features and distributions
  • Installation options and procedures for Red Hat Linux
  • Accessing the Command Line
  • Using the Bash shell and basic command line navigation
  • Executing commands with superuser privileges (sudo)
  • Managing Files from the Command Line
  • Navigating file systems and directory structures
  • Creating, modifying, and deleting files and directories
  • Understanding file permissions and ownership
  • Getting Help in Red Hat Enterprise Linux
  • Accessing documentation and seeking help
  • Using man pages and info commands
  • Creating, Viewing, and Editing Text Files
  • Using text editors to create and modify files
  • Viewing and searching text files with commands
  • Managing Local Linux Users and Groups
  • Creating and managing user accounts and passwords
  • Managing group memberships and permissions
  • Controlling Access to Files with Linux File System Permissions
  • Understanding Linux file system permissions
  • Modifying permissions and ownership of files and directories
  • Monitoring and Managing Linux Processes
  • Viewing and managing running processes
  • Terminating processes and controlling process priority


By the end of the course, students will be able to:

  • Understand the fundamentals of Red Hat Enterprise Linux.
  • Perform basic system administration tasks, including installation and package management.
  • Manage users, groups, and file permissions on Red Hat Linux systems.
  • Navigate and work effectively on the Linux command line.
  • Use text editors to create and modify text files.


  • Red Hat Linux Installation: Students will perform a Red Hat Linux installation using different options and configurations.
  • Basic Command Line Navigation: Students will practice navigating the Linux file system using basic command line commands.
  • Managing Files and Directories: Students will create, modify, and delete files and directories, and manage file permissions and ownership.
  • Working with Text Files: Students will use text editors to create and modify text files, and perform text file operations.
  • User and Group Management: Students will create and manage user accounts, groups, and user permissions.

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