The FrameMaker Training – Level II

The FrameMaker Training – Level II

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Course Overview

The FrameMaker Training – Level I course is designed to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of Adobe FrameMaker, a powerful authoring and publishing tool used for creating and managing large, complex documents. This course focuses on the fundamental concepts, features, and techniques required to efficiently create structured documents, format content, manage styles, and generate professional-quality output.


There are no specific prerequisites for this course. However, participants with basic computer skills and familiarity with word processing software will benefit from a smoother learning experience. No prior experience with Adobe FrameMaker is required.


The course adopts a blended learning approach, combining instructor-led lectures, hands-on exercises, practical demonstrations, and interactive discussions. Participants will engage in real-world document creation projects and gain hands-on experience in using FrameMaker. The instructor will provide guidance, share best practices, and facilitate interactive discussions to enhance the learning process.

Course Outline

  • Introduction to Adobe FrameMaker
  • Exploring the FrameMaker Interface
  • Document Structure and Organization
  • Importing and Formatting Text
  • Managing Paragraph and Character Formats
  • Working with Tables and Graphics
  • Creating and Managing Master Pages
  • Applying Cross-References and Hyperlinks
  • Introduction to Structured Authoring
  • Generating Output and Publishing Documents

Course Outcome

Upon completion of the course, participants will:

  • Have a comprehensive understanding of Adobe FrameMaker and its capabilities
  • Create and manage documents efficiently using FrameMaker’s features and tools
  • Organize and structure content effectively within documents
  • Import and format text from various sources
  • Manage paragraph and character formats, styles, and templates
  • Work with tables, graphics, and multimedia elements
  • Create and customize master pages for consistent layout and branding
  • Apply cross-references and hyperlinks for easy navigation and document connectivity
  • Gain an introduction to structured authoring concepts and techniques
  • Generate high-quality output and publish documents in various formats


The FrameMaker Training – Level I course includes hands-on labs that allow participants to apply the concepts and techniques learned during the course. These labs involve creating and formatting documents, managing styles and templates, inserting and manipulating tables, graphics, and multimedia elements, creating master pages, applying cross-references and hyperlinks, and generating output in different formats. Participants will gain practical experience and reinforce their learning through these interactive labs.

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