Automating Administration with PowerShell (AZ-040)

Automating Administration with PowerShell (AZ-040)

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Automating Administration with PowerShell (AZ-040) is an intermediate-level training program designed to equip IT professionals with the skills and knowledge needed to automate various administrative tasks using PowerShell. Participants will learn how to leverage PowerShell to streamline repetitive tasks, manage system configurations, and improve overall efficiency in Windows and Azure environments.


To excel in this course, participants should have a basic understanding of Windows Server administration and PowerShell fundamentals. Familiarity with Microsoft Azure services and cloud computing concepts will be beneficial. Prior experience in administering Windows-based systems will help participants grasp the concepts more effectively.


The course will be delivered through a combination of instructor-led lectures, practical demonstrations, hands-on labs, and interactive discussions. Participants will have access to dedicated lab environments, allowing them to practice PowerShell automation in real-world scenarios. The course will be led by experienced instructors with expertise in PowerShell scripting and automation, ensuring a high-quality learning experience.

Course Outline

  • Introduction to PowerShell Automation
  • Understanding the role of PowerShell in IT administration
  • Overview of PowerShell cmdlets, functions, and scripts
  • Setting up the PowerShell environment and execution policies
  • PowerShell Fundamentals
  • Exploring PowerShell objects, variables, and data types
  • Working with PowerShell providers and drives
  • Understanding PowerShell pipeline and filtering data
  • Automating File System Operations
  • Managing files and folders with PowerShell
  • Automating file transfers and backups
  • Scripting tasks for managing file permissions and attributes
  • Automating Active Directory Administration
  • Creating and managing AD objects with PowerShell
  • Automating user and group management tasks
  • Generating AD reports and exporting data
  • PowerShell Scripting for Azure Administration
  • Interacting with Azure PowerShell modules
  • Automating Azure resource management and deployment
  • Scripting tasks for Azure Virtual Machines and Networking
  • Managing Windows Server with PowerShell
  • Automating server configurations and roles
  • Monitoring server performance using PowerShell
  • Scripting tasks for managing Windows services and processes
  • PowerShell Remoting and Scheduled Jobs
  • Enabling PowerShell remoting and remote administration
  • Creating and managing scheduled PowerShell jobs
  • Using PowerShell Desired State Configuration (DSC)


Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Automate various administrative tasks using PowerShell scripts and cmdlets.
  • Manage and manipulate files, folders, and permissions with PowerShell.
  • Automate Active Directory user and group management tasks.
  • Automate Azure resource management and deployment with PowerShell.
  • Perform Windows Server management and configuration using PowerShell.
  • Use PowerShell remoting and scheduled jobs for efficient automation.


  • Basic PowerShell Scripting and Cmdlets
  • Automating File System Operations with PowerShell
  • Automating Active Directory User Management
  • Automating Azure Resource Management
  • PowerShell Scripting for Windows Server Configuration
  • PowerShell Remoting and Scheduled Jobs

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