Diversity, Bias & Inclusion

Diversity, Bias & Inclusion

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The Delegation Diversity, Bias & Inclusion course is designed to provide participants with a understanding of the importance of diversity, addressing bias, and promoting inclusion in the delegation process. The course explores the impact of diversity on teams, the influence of bias on decision-making, and strategies for inclusive delegation practices. Participants will gain practical skills and tools to effectively delegate tasks and responsibilities while considering diverse perspectives and fostering an inclusive work environment.


There are no specific prerequisites for the Delegation Diversity, Bias & Inclusion course. It is suitable for individuals in leadership or supervisory roles who want to enhance their delegation skills with a focus on diversity, bias, and inclusion. Participants should have a basic understanding of delegation concepts and a willingness to explore and address issues related to diversity and bias.


The course utilizes a blended learning approach, combining interactive workshops, group discussions, case studies, and practical exercises. Participants will engage in role-playing scenarios to practice delegation techniques in diverse and inclusive contexts. The course also incorporates multimedia resources, self-assessment tools, and real-world examples to facilitate a dynamic and engaging learning experience.

Course Outline

Understanding Diversity

Defining diversity and why it matters & different types of diversity


Understanding bias and stereotypes, the impacts of bias, recognizing your own biases &

Unconscious bias


Defining microaggressions, how to identify microaggressions & measuring and mitigating the effects of microaggressions


Defining inclusivity, why inclusivity is important & strategies for creating inclusive environments


Effective communication strategies to promote inclusivity

Addressing difficult conversations & active listening and empathic communication

Building cultural competence

Understanding cultural competency

The importance of understanding different cultures & strategies to build cultural competence


Understanding intersectionality, how to address intersectionality in diversity and inclusion discussions

Strategies for creating intersectional frameworks


Understanding allyship and how it can help foster inclusivity, strategies for being an effective ally Intersectionality and allyship


Upon completion of the Delegation Diversity, Bias & Inclusion course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the importance of diversity and inclusion in delegation
  • Identify and mitigate bias in delegation decision-making
  • Apply inclusive delegation strategies to leverage the strengths of diverse individuals
  • Foster an inclusive work environment that encourages diverse contributions
  • Effectively address challenges and conflicts in diverse delegation scenarios


The course includes hands-on labs where participants will engage in practical exercises and role-playing scenarios. These labs provide an opportunity to apply the concepts and techniques learned in the course, practice inclusive delegation strategies, and receive feedback from instructors and peers. The labs also encourage participants to reflect on their own biases and explore ways to create an inclusive delegation process.

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