Red Hat JBoss Application Administration I – RHCJA

Red Hat JBoss Application Administration I – RHCJA

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Red Hat JBoss Application Administration I (RHCJA) is a comprehensive course designed for system administrators and Java developers who want to gain proficiency in administering JBoss Enterprise Application Platform (JBoss EAP). This course covers essential topics such as installation, configuration, deployment, and management of Java applications on JBoss EAP. Participants will learn how to set up a JBoss environment, configure server components, and effectively manage applications to ensure optimal performance and reliability.


  • Basic familiarity with Java programming and concepts.
  • Prior experience with Java application servers and web applications is beneficial but not mandatory.
  • Knowledge of Linux system administration is helpful but not required.


The RHCJA course follows a blended learning approach, combining theoretical lectures, practical demonstrations, and hands-on lab exercises. Instructors will deliver comprehensive explanations of JBoss EAP concepts and features, followed by practical demonstrations to illustrate their implementation. The majority of the course will focus on hands-on lab exercises, allowing participants to gain real-world experience in administering JBoss EAP.

Course Outline

  • Introduction to JBoss EAP
  • Overview of JBoss EAP features and architecture
  • Understanding the JBoss EAP management model
  • Installing and Configuring JBoss EAP
  • Installing JBoss EAP and configuring server instances
  • Configuring server subsystems and components
  • Deploying Applications on JBoss EAP
  • Deploying Java applications, including WAR and EAR files
  • Managing application resources and contexts
  • Managing JBoss EAP Server Instances
  • Managing server instances, including starting, stopping, and monitoring
  • Implementing high availability and clustering
  • Monitoring and Tuning JBoss EAP
  • Monitoring server performance and resources
  • Tuning server settings for optimal performance


By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the architecture and features of JBoss EAP.
  • Install and configure JBoss EAP server instances effectively.
  • Deploy and manage Java applications on JBoss EAP.
  • Monitor server performance and tune settings for optimal performance.
  • Implement high availability and clustering for JBoss EAP.


  • Installing and Configuring JBoss EAP: Participants will install JBoss EAP and configure server instances.
  • Deploying Applications on JBoss EAP: Participants will deploy Java applications on JBoss EAP and manage application resources.
  • Managing JBoss EAP Server Instances: Participants will manage server instances, implement high availability, and set up clustering.
  • Monitoring and Tuning JBoss EAP: Participants will monitor server performance and tune server settings for optimal performance.

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