VMware vSphere: Design [V7]

VMware vSphere: Design [V7]

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Course Overview: 

VMware vSphere: Design [V7] is an advanced three-day course designed for experienced VMware vSphere administrators and architects who want to enhance their skills in designing vSphere infrastructures. This course covers the key principles and best practices for designing and implementing scalable, reliable, and efficient vSphere environments. Participants will learn how to analyze business requirements, gather design considerations, and create a comprehensive vSphere design that meets the organization’s needs.


  • Successful completion of the VMware vSphere: Optimize and Scale [V7] course or equivalent knowledge and experience.
  • Proficiency in vSphere administration and virtualization concepts.
  • Familiarity with vSphere networking, storage, and resource management.


The VMware vSphere: Design [V7] course follows a combination of theoretical lectures, practical demonstrations, and hands-on labs. Instructors will provide in-depth explanations of vSphere design principles and best practices, followed by practical demonstrations to illustrate their application. The course will primarily focus on hands-on lab exercises, allowing participants to gain real-world experience in designing vSphere environments.

Course Outline

Course Introduction and Design Methodology

Course objectives, agenda, and review of design methodologies

Understanding business requirements and constraints

Analyzing Design Requirements

Assessing existing infrastructure and identifying design considerations

Gathering design requirements and constraints

Designing vSphere Networking and Storage

Designing vSphere networking components and connectivity

Creating a scalable and reliable vSphere storage design

Designing vSphere Compute Resources

Designing compute resources and clusters

Virtual machine sizing and performance considerations

vSphere Design Case Studies

Applying design principles to real-world case studies

Presenting and validating vSphere design proposals


By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Apply design methodologies to analyze business requirements and constraints.
  • Assess existing infrastructure and gather design considerations and requirements.
  • Design scalable and reliable vSphere networking and storage solutions.
  • Design vSphere compute resources and clusters based on performance considerations.
  • Apply design principles to real-world case studies and present vSphere design proposals.


  • Analyzing Design Requirements: Participants will assess existing infrastructure, gather design considerations, and identify design requirements.
  • Designing vSphere Networking and Storage: Participants will design vSphere networking components, connectivity, and a scalable storage design.
  • Designing vSphere Compute Resources: Participants will design compute resources, clusters, and consider virtual machine sizing and performance.
  • vSphere Design Case Studies: Participants will apply design principles to real-world case studies and present vSphere design proposals.

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