Advanced Cisco SD-WAN Routing, Templates, Policy Configure, and Tshoot – ADVANCED SDWAN

Advanced Cisco SD-WAN Routing, Templates, Policy Configure, and Tshoot – ADVANCED SDWAN

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Course Overview

The Advanced Cisco SD-WAN Routing, Templates, Policy Configure, and Tshoot (ADVANCED SDWAN) course focuses on providing in-depth knowledge and skills for implementing, configuring, and troubleshooting advanced features of Cisco Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) solutions. This course is designed for network professionals who are responsible for deploying and managing SD-WAN infrastructures. The course covers advanced routing, template configuration, policy configuration, and troubleshooting techniques specific to Cisco SD-WAN deployments.


To enroll in the ADVANCED SDWAN course, participants should have a solid understanding of networking concepts and experience with Cisco networking technologies. It is recommended to have completed the Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) certification or possess equivalent knowledge. Familiarity with SD-WAN fundamentals and basic knowledge of routing protocols (such as OSPF and BGP) is highly beneficial.


The ADVANCED SDWAN course utilizes a combination of theoretical lessons, instructor-led demonstrations, and hands-on lab exercises to ensure a comprehensive understanding of advanced SD-WAN concepts and configurations. Participants will engage in interactive discussions, real-world scenarios, and practical exercises to reinforce their skills. Lab exercises and simulations will be provided to allow participants to apply their knowledge in a controlled environment.

Course Outline

Advanced SD-WAN Routing

   Understanding advanced routing concepts in SD-WAN

   Configuring advanced routing policies and protocols

   Optimizing routing and traffic engineering in SD-WAN deployments

Implementing advanced routing features for high availability and performance

Template Configuration

   Creating and customizing SD-WAN templates

   Designing and implementing advanced template configurations

   Applying service insertion and chaining in SD-WAN templates

   Utilizing advanced template features for scalability and flexibility

Policy Configuration

   Designing and implementing advanced policies in SD-WAN

   Applying QoS (Quality of Service) policies for traffic management

   Configuring application-aware routing and prioritization

   Enforcing security policies and segmentation in SD-WAN deployments

Troubleshooting SD-WAN Deployments

   Understanding troubleshooting methodologies for SD-WAN deployments

   Analyzing and resolving common issues in SD-WAN routing

   Diagnosing template configuration problems and inconsistencies

   Troubleshooting policy configuration and traffic flow in SD-WAN

Course Outcome

Upon completion of the ADVANCED SDWAN course, participants will be able to:

  • Implement and configure advanced routing features in Cisco SD-WAN deployments.
  • Design and customize SD-WAN templates to meet specific deployment requirements.
  • Configure advanced policies for traffic management and application-aware routing.
  • Troubleshoot common issues and perform diagnostics in SD-WAN deployments.
  • Optimize SD-WAN routing for high availability, performance, and security.


The ADVANCED SDWAN course includes hands-on labs to provide participants with practical experience in configuring and troubleshooting advanced SD-WAN features. Some of the labs may include:

  • Configuring advanced routing policies and protocols in an SD-WAN environment.
  • Creating and customizing SD-WAN templates for specific deployment scenarios.
  • Implementing service insertion and chaining using SD-WAN templates.
  • Configuring QoS policies for traffic management in SD-WAN deployments.
  • Designing and implementing application-aware routing and prioritization.
  • Troubleshooting common issues in SD-WAN routing and template configurations.
  • Analyzing and diagnosing policy configuration and traffic flow problems.

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